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2PIN pogo pin connector 1A2A3A current pogo pin charger-1003

2PIN pogo pin connector 1A2A3A current pogo pin charger-1003

Product Name:2PIN pogo pin connector-1003

Product model: 2PIN pogo pin connector

Delivery time: 15-20 days

Type: non-standard

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1、Product features:

1)100% environmentally friendly materials that meet RoHs and REACH requirements.

2)Automatic riveting press assembly, automatic inspection and shipment.

3)Tolerances can be controlled to ±0.01mm.

4)Contact impedance ≤ 15m Ω.

5)The life span can reach more than 1000000 times.

6)No mold opening, convenient customization, cost saving.

7)The elasticity can be adjusted according to the requirements.

8)Small spacing and space saving

2、Product parameters:

This is a  2pin connector male and female seat, female head can reach waterproof IP67, can be used in: handheld devices, smart home appliances, detectors, intelligent robots and so on.
Model pogo pin connector 1003
Metallic materials Brass C6801
PIN electroplating Plating 5u"Au over 60~100u" Ni.
Work schedule 1.0mm
Elastic force 80g±20g
Housing HTN
Contact resistance of spring pin 50mOhm Max.
Rated voltage 12V 
Rated current 1A2A3A5A
Mechanical life 1000,00 cycle Min
Salt spray test 48H-96H
Packing PE bag / reel packing
    Material and coating conform to ROHS and REACH standards


3、Pogo pin connector scheme can be customized according to your requirements.

1. Shape structure: SMT,DIP, bend, double pin, welding wire structure, integrated type.

2. Material: C3604 C6801.

3. Elasticity: ≤ 15g.

4. Rated voltage / current: ≤ 120V, ≤ 40A.

5. Connection method: 90 °, 180 °or other angle.

6. Mother end assembly style; DIP, 90 °bending, welding wire, glue wrap molding, etc.

7. Mother end positioning mode: concave and convex groove, sealing ring, clamping lock, positioning ear, positioning column, in-mold injection molding.

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4、Introduction to Pogo pin Connector

POGO PIN is a spring-loaded probe made by riveting the three components of the needle shaft, spring and needle tube through precision equipment, also known as pogo pin, spring thimble, POGOPIN connector. The bottom of the needle of POGO PIN is usually a beveled structure, and  the function of the beveled structure is to ensure that the POGO PIN keeps the needle in contact with the inner wall of the needle tube when working, so that the current mainly passes through the gold-plated needle and needle tube to ensure the stability and low impedance of POGO PIN;

pogopin (1)

*In the design, the compression amount is generally 2 inch 3 of the total stroke;too little pressure and insufficient forward force will lead to impedance instability;too much pressure will damage the pipe mouth and lead to poor card PIN.

*In the process of assembly, we should also pay attention to keep the pipe mouthaway from the force, so as not to hit the pipe mouth and cause PIN card.

*Battery contacts paired with POGOPIN or FPC gold fingers should not have dirt, oxidation, etc.

5、Product application display

1.Wireless Bluetooth headset and wearable device: in TWS Bluetooth headset and other wearable devices, 2PIN spring pin connectors are used for charging and data transfer functions. Their miniaturized design is very suitable for equipment with limited space, and can withstand frequent insertion and unplug, ensuring good contact stability and durability. 

2.Mobile devices and accessories: 2PIN spring pin connectors are also often used in smartphones, tablets, their protective cases, docking stations and other accessories for fast charging or data synchronization. 
This design helps to maintain the tightness of the equipment and prevent dust and moisture from entering. 

3.Medical devices: in medical devices that require high reliability and cleanliness, such as portable monitors and medical sensors, 2PIN spring pin connectors provide stable electrical connections and facilitate disinfection and maintenance. 

4.Automotive electronics: various control modules and sensor connectors in modern cars may also use 2PIN spring pin connectors, especially in those parts that require vibration resistance and environmental sealing, such as car cameras and GPS module connections. 
Industrial automation and testing equipment: in test fixtures, industrial probes and automated production lines that require frequent plugging and high reliability connections, 2PIN spring pin connectors provide reliable signal transmission for test and data acquisition systems. 

5.Consumer electronics: small electronic devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, use 2PIN spring pin connectors for charging and data exchange to ensure miniaturization and water resistance. 

These applications benefit from several key features of 2PIN spring needle connectors: small size, high reliability of the spring mechanism, good electrical conductivity and durability, as well as anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance requirements in specific applications.

6、Company introduction

Xinteng is a pogopin magnetic connector solution source factory, mainly produces pogopin, spring pin connectors, magnetic connectors, magnetic charging lines and other precision hardware; factory area of 2700 square meters, 12 R & D personnel, customized development products have 100 + items, obtained a national patent certificate of 40 million; at present, there are a variety of magnetic products to choose from, can also provide technical services for your product design and development, to relieve your worries.

7、Product category

Xinteng Electronics belongs to a pogopin magnetic connector solution source factory, from design-R & D-production, one-stop service; mainly produces pogopin, spring pin connectors, magnetic connectors, magnetic charging lines and other precision hardware; factory area of 2700 square meters, R & D staff of 12 people, customized development products have 600 + items, obtained national patent certificate 80 +. At present, there are a variety of magnetic products to choose from, and it can also provide technical services for your product design and development to relieve your worries.

Hope to further communicate the details, to facilitate the rapid provision of products, thank you!


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