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Pogo pin Magnetic connectors-1059

Pogo pin Magnetic connectors-1059

Product Name:Pogo pin Magnetic connectors-1059

Product model:RM-1059

Delivery time:   25 days

Type: non-standard

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1、Product features:

1.Product male and female automatic suction, automatic alignment,

2.Dumb-proof design to prevent short-circuit risk

3.Suction interface is easy to remove,Will not drive the local machine.

4.Customization, can realize charging and signal transmission

5.Convenient and reliable connection

2、Product parameters:

This is a customized high current 10A male and female magnetic connector, suitable for: vehicle, electric vehicle, electric scooter, etc.
Model RM-1059
Metallic materials Brass C6801
PIN electroplating Au 0.75um
Housing HTN
Magnet N52
Contact resistance of spring pin 50mOhm Max.
Rated voltage 12V
Rated current 10A
Mechanical life 10,000 cycle Min
Salt spray test 48H
Suction force 800g±20%
Function Charging
Packing Bubble cotton
Material and coating conform to ROHS and REACH standards

3、Pogo pin magnetic connector scheme can be customized according to your requirements.

1. Shape and structure: round, square, long strip, runway, etc.

2. Wire materials: PVC, TPE, silica gel, etc.

3. Wire shape: round wire, braided wire, flat wire, etc.

4. Waterproof grade: up to IP68.

5. Suction: 150g-3000g.

6. Rated voltage / current: ≤ 120V, ≤ 40A.

7. Connection method: 90 °, 180 °or other angle.

8. Replacement ability: Ihammer O adapter, USB2.0/3.0, HDMI, RJ45, D-SUB, pin busbar, DC Jack, etc.

9. Mother end assembly style; DIP, 90 °bending, welding wire, glue wrap molding, etc.

10. Mother end positioning mode: concave and convex groove, sealing ring, clamping lock, positioning ear, positioning column, in-mold injection molding.

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4、Introduction of pogo pin Magnetic Connector

The magnetic connector is a combination of magnets added on the basis of the pogo pin connector, and the use of NdFeB permanent magnet ensures a stable and reliable connection between male and female. The magnetic connector makes up for the advantages of convenient plugging, safety, compact size, easy cleaning, and lateral pull-out that traditional connectors lack, and truly realizes 100% automatic positioning, automatic connection, quick plugging and unplugging, separation by external force, and forced disconnection will not damage the connection port of the device. It has been rapidly promoted and used in many fields.


5、Product application display

Pogo pin Magnetic connectors, also known as magnetic pogo pin connectors, are a type of connector that combines the features of pogo pins with magnets. These connectors feature a magnetic contact and attraction design, providing strong suction force, particularly suitable for small-sized structures and lightweight products. In recent years, magnetic connectors have gained widespread application in various fields due to their convenience and efficiency.

  1. Smart Wearable Devices: Smart wearable devices such as smartwatches and smart bracelets strive for a lightweight and compact design. Traditional plug-in charging methods may not be convenient enough for these devices. Pogo pin magnetic connectors provide a more convenient charging and data transmission solution through their strong suction force and ease of use.

  2. Smartphones and Accessories: With the continuous innovation in smartphone design, some phones have also begun to adopt magnetic connectors for charging. Additionally, accessories like TWS earbuds often utilize magnetic connectors to ensure stable and convenient connections.

  3. Consumer Electronics: Apart from smart wearables and smartphones, pogo pin magnetic connectors are widely used in other consumer electronics products such as laptops, tablets, and cameras. They provide a fast, stable, and user-friendly connection solution for these devices.

  4. Aerospace and Military: In these fields, where stability and reliability of connectors are crucial, pogo pin magnetic connectors also play a vital role. Their strong suction force and excellent electrical performance ensure stable connections and data integrity.

Overall, pogo pin magnetic connectors have found diverse applications across various industries due to their unique structural design and outstanding performance. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expanding market, their application areas are expected to continue to expand.

6、Company introduction

Xinteng is a pogopin magnetic connector solution source factory, mainly produces pogopin, spring pin connectors, magnetic connectors, magnetic charging lines and other precision hardware; factory area of 2700 square meters, 12 R & D personnel, customized development products have 100 + items, obtained a national patent certificate of 40 million; at present, there are a variety of magnetic products to choose from, can also provide technical services for your product design and development, to relieve your worries.

7、Product category

Xinteng Electronics belongs to a pogopin magnetic connector solution source factory, from design-R & D-production, one-stop service; mainly produces pogopin, spring pin connectors, magnetic connectors, magnetic charging lines and other precision hardware; factory area of 2700 square meters, R & D staff of 12 people, customized development products have 600 + items, obtained national patent certificate 80 +. At present, there are a variety of magnetic products to choose from, and it can also provide technical services for your product design and development to relieve your worries.

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